Core Business

Health IT Core Business

  • Health IT industrialization support center (HAPTIC)
  • Mobile Health care corporatization support center
  • Provide SW, u-Health & medical information big-data service
  • Development of Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) based on Artificial Intelligence
  • All-round technical support (combination with development company - advisory agency - user), New service platform to respond to market demand
  • Provide SW development service based on bio-signal and web survey

Medical Image & Bio Marker development project

  • Disease targeting imaging technology and new drugdevelopment based on molecular imaging and drug testing platform
  • Development of medical image device (ex : PET-MRI)
  • Brain mapping-based fMRI and brain function research
  • Development of Medical video Big Data utilization technology
  • Process for developing patient-specific medical devices such as 3D printing
  • Provide image analysis service for clinical research

Customized Diagnosis, Medical Device Core Business

  • Body-friendly 3D Printing product development
  • Development of POC diagnosis device based on biochip
  • Development of medical device using new biomaterial
  • Development of mobile medical device
  • Developed optical, molecular imaging medical device